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Autumn 2009 — Expressions of Spirit

The Therapist, by Orna Ben-Shoshan
The New Earth, by Aaron Pyne

Power Thoughts

Old thought: There is no hope for our planet.
New thought: The Earth is healing now, and change is a natural part of the healing process.

Old thought: I am afraid for the future.
New thought: Everything that is happening is in divine order, and I accept the changes that are necessary for a healed world.

Old thought: The animals in my dreams are always scary.
New thought: What are these animals trying to tell me?

We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors;
we borrow it from our Children.

—Indian proverb

All things share the same breath—the beast, the tree,
the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.

—Chief Seattle

Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence.
—Indian proverb

All birds, even those of the same species, are not alike, and it is the same with animals and with human beings. The reason WakanTanka does not make two birds, or animals, or human beings exactly alike is because each is placed here by WakanTanka to be an independent individuality and to rely upon itself.
—Shooter Teton Sioux

Certain things catch your eye,
but pursue only those
that capture your heart.

—Indian proverb


Welcome to the Autumn 2009 edition of LightWork!

This issue is devoted to different expressions of spirit. The Universe is brimming with life in all dimensions, whether angelic, nature spirits, ascended masters, or extraterrestrials, and they are all available to help us heal and evolve into Light.

In this issue, we are also featuring a new column that we'll do at least once per year, if not more often:  The Conscious Consumer. Integrity is very important, and as conscious consumers, we can seek out the businesses that act with integrity. We will endeavor to shed some light on some questionable business practices and interactions with companies that we have experienced firsthand. We hope that this information will help the spiritually minded consumer make informed decisions.

Featured Interview

LightWork interviewed Chris Lüttichau, author of Animal Spirit Guides: Discover Your Power Animal and the Shamanic Path. He talks about the role that nature and power animals play in our world and in our lives.


Power Animals and the Unseen World
by Asha Hawkesworth
Every living thing on this earth is a representation of a different aspect of the God consciousness.

The Evolving Consciousness of Crop Circles
by Sean Topping
Crop circles have evolved into beautiful, elaborate pictograms. Who is creating them? And what is their purpose?

Who Are Arniel, Mathael, and Shalmiel?
A Kabbalistic View of the Heavenly Brigades of Angels

by Orna Ben-Shoshan
A historical and traditional look at the angels from the Kabbalistic point of view. What can we learn about angels, and how can we get in touch with them in our everyday life?

Ascended Masters: An Expression of the Spiritual Path
by Aaron Pyne
Who are the Ascended Masters, and what is their purpose? How can they help us on our spiritual path?


Ask the Angels
by Ahnna Hawkesworth

Ascension Tarot
by Asha Hawkesworth

The Conscious Consumer

Seasonal Recipe

Roasted Root Vegetables

Autumn provides us with so many wonderful root vegetables, and slow roasting them in the oven for a couple of hours makes the house smell wonderful. Serve this with roasted meat, and you'll have a terrific taste combination that will take the chill off of any evening.

About The Cover Artist

Aaron Pyne of Portland, Oregon, is a visionary artist, sacred graphic/Web designer, energy healer, and meditation teacher. Aaron has over 125 visionary artworks encompassing all subjects of spirituality, which are available on prints and a variety of products. His works have been on publications around the country. He does visionary graphic design and web design for spiritual and metaphysical practitioners across the United States.  Aaron’s intention for his visionary artwork is to assist the viewer to see the Divine within him/herself and all of creation. In this time of drastic change, Aaron hopes his art can serve as a visual guide in the evolutionary growth of the individual and the collective to assist in the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.  He has been receiving these images through meditation and dreams since his childhood. The designs are then manifested by using digital photography and the computer. His designs take from 5-25 hours to make.

Aaron is also an Energy Healer, trained in many different healing modalities from Reiki to Peruvian Shamanism. He is a meditation teacher, educating on relaxation, chakra work, sacred geometry, connecting with spirit guides and angels, as well as energy healing. Visit his Web page at to see his art gallery and learn about his services. You can also reach him at 513-703-0495 or